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Scheduled for publication during Banned Books Week (September 25, 1999-October 2, 1999), this reference gives extensive insight into titles that historically have faced a high rate of censorship, both in the United States and abroad. The text is arranged in four sections, with titles divided by the main grounds - political, religious, sexual, and social -for censorship. Introductory notes for each section define what the book's authors mean by that type of suppression and summarize its history. Each title is identified by author, date and place of original publication, publisher, and literary form, and each entry includes a comprehensive summary of the text. These summaries are followed by a full censorship history and suggested "Further Readings" sections directing readers to accessible sources of additional information. By limiting the texts under consideration to 100, the authors are able to provide highly detailed accounts of each title's censorship history in what is surely the most exhaustive single-volume reference available. A valuable tool for those seeking information on particular banned books or on censorship in general; recommended for public and academic libraries.

I have to say, I was disappointed in this book. What an opportunity to advertise interesting works of fiction and nonfiction! Instead, this was dry and kind of dull reading. It would be a good reference if writing a school paper, but the censorship histories consisted mostly of lawsuit descriptions, including lots of legal lingo that was difficult to slog through. I did not finish the book.

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