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ePUB Techniques in the neurosciences are evolving rapidly. There are currently very few volumes dedicated to the methodology - ployed by neuroscientists, and those that are available often seem either out of date or limited in scope. This series is about the methods most widely used by modern-day neuroscientists and is written by their colleagues who are practicing experts. Volume 1 will be useful to all neuroscientists since it concerns those procedures used routmely across the widest range of s- disciplines. Collecting these general techniques together in a single volume strikes us not only as a service, but will no doubt prove of exceptional utilitarian value as well. Volumes 2 and 3 describe all current procedures for the analyses of amines and theirmetabolites and of amino acids, respectively. These collections will clearly be of value to all neurosclentists working m or contemplating research in these fields. Similar reasons exist for Volume 4 on receptor binding techniques, since experimental details are provided for all types of ligand-receptor binding, including chapters on general principles, drug discovery and development, and a most useful appendix on computer programs for Scatchard, nonlinear, and competitive d- placement analyses. Volume 5 provides procedures for the asse- ment of enzymes involved in biogenic amine synthesis and catabolism. Volumes in the NEUROMETHODS series will be useful to neurochemists, -pharmacologists, -physiologists, -anatomlsts, psychopharmacologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and chemists (organic, analytical, pharmaceutical, medicinal); in fact, everyone involved in the neurosciences, both basic and clinical.

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