How to Make a Web Proxy Server

How to Make a Web Proxy ServerHave you been wondering how a Web Proxy Server can be set up? Well, your search ends here. Setting up of your own Web Proxy Server is not a difficult job task at all. As you are aware, it provides you with your own server to stay anonymous when on the Web; many people opt to write their own software for the same. The easiest option would be to use Google’s free App Engine service, which is enabled by default to all Google account users. The following steps should route you an easy installation of a Web Proxy Server using the Google App Engine service.

At first, you need to log into the Google App Engine website in your web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Safari), and then sign in using your Google account. However, if you don’t have one, you need to create it at this time. Click the ‘Create An Application’ button. If you are novice player at this, don’t worry! Google would send you a text message with a verification code which you need to enter

Why and How to Use a Proxy

Why and How to Use a ProxyInternet is one of the major needs of this contemporary world. Almost every work can be done on the internet and it is preferred by people because it is time and cost efficient. It is one of the greatest blessings of technology.

However, there are lots of online sites, which are not safe, and your personal information could be hijacked through them. Therefore, in order to save your personal information you can use proxy server. So do you have the right knowledge of how to use a proxy server?

Using a proxy server to surf online safely is very simple and one can avail its benefits in a convenient way. For a novice user it is much easier to understand how to use a proxy. Proxies are very essential as they help in searching the online sites safely. One can easily protect the personal information by using a proxy. Proxies are used to hide your IP address, operating system, personal information etc. When you visit any of the online sites, it is seen

Anonymous Proxy Can Protect Your Internet Privacy

Anonymous Proxy Can Protect Your Internet PrivacyInternet cookies are encrypted code in the form of small text files that get placed into the memory of the internet browsers while visiting an offending website. They carry the tag of the visiting site as well. The name came from the “magic cookie” concept in UNIX computing. Web bugs are a variation of spyware used by spammers. Also known as web beacons or tracking bugs they are used to monitor e-mails and notify when they are opened. This article describes how to protect your privacy on the internet from the threats of Internet cookies and bugs.

Unless misused, cookies are usually used for legitimate purposes to increase browsing efficiency. They may be used for storing user names, passwords and other information that helps efficient functioning of the web site. Other functions include keeping track of shopping cart data, user preferences and shopping history. Cookies are essential for tracking affiliate sales on a merchant website. Thus cookies provide functions that make web navigation easy and enhance the user experience.

However, there is potential for misuse, especially in the matters of

The Power of the Proxy

The Power of the ProxyProxy servers have been in the news as of late, both as a result of the Iran putative election and a new legal case where Microsoft is suing purveyors of advertising click fraud. I thought I would take you through what proxies are, how they can be used for both good and evil, and what all the fuss is about.

First, here is a little background. When you bring up your Web browser, you are asked how you want it to connect to the Internet. Most of us that have home PCs don’t use any proxy, and go out to the raw Internet without any fuss or bother. But enterprises that want to cut down on their bandwidth usage, improve performance and security, and have control over what their users see use them all the time.

Each browser first checks and sees if the Web page that is being requested is on the proxy’s cache, or memory, and if so, it saves a few milliseconds or more by grabbing the page directly, without having to traverse the Internet at all. So proxies

Safe Browsing With Proxy Server and Anonymous Proxy

Safe Browsing With Proxy Server and Anonymous ProxySafe and secure browsing today has come to rely more and more on proxy servers and anonymous proxyies.We know that to have online privacy and to protect our personal data, we need to protect our IP address from horde of internet hackers and identity thieves. This is why browsing online anonymously is a growing trend among personal computer users. Who can blame us? Internet browsers may have security tools and add-ons that can protect us, but these are not enough to protect us from hackers once they find out our real location. This article describes how we can browse safely by using a Proxy Server.

Internet browsers have a lot of security tools and options in common. With Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and other popular browsers, we have the option to delete our browsing history and the cookies we accumulated over our visits to different websites. We can also opt not to have our logins and passwords remembered. We can also have our personal data deleted when we close our browser and go offline.

Sadly, there are still

Unblock Social Websites With Web Proxies

Unblock Social Websites With Web ProxiesWe’ve all experienced it. You’re bored at school or at work, and just want to take a quick peek at our Facebook page, or watch a quick video or two on YouTube… only to find that those sites have been blocked by your administration or employer. It’s frustrating. It’s a little insulting. And there are ways around it.

Two, in fact. The first way is fairly simple: use a different browser. Many computer networks use Windows and Internet Explorer, so the network administrators only block sites for Internet Explorer. Perhaps you’ve got a particularly clever (or bored) network admin who blocks Firefox too and Safari for the Macintosh users. But there’s always a chance that by simply using a different browser, you can access your favorite social networking sites. There are literally dozens of alternative browsers out there (Netscape, Opera, Avant, and Google Chrome, to name just a very few) that you can download from software sites like or free.

On the other hand, schools and workplaces lock down their computers

For Reliable Proxy Sites

For Reliable Proxy SitesA consistent and dependable proxy site should have a regularly maintained database, and @Proxy succeeds at this, and provides even more benefits for the user.

If you are not familiar with this process, it is the easiest way that a computer user can access web sites that have been denied to you. If you are working in an office, for example, it is very likely that sites not related to your work may be inaccessible. By using one of the links at @Proxy, you can overcome this obstacle.

Advantages of Anonymous Proxies

A proxy actually consists of two parts: the software and the server. To make it easier to understand, when you utilize one, your web browser interacts with the proxy server which connects with the web server. What does this mean? For the user, it connotes privacy, because the web server does not know which computer is accessing the site, nor the IP address.

What to Look for in a Proxy Site

There are several types of servers in the @proxy database. When choosing one, make sure that they

An Overview of Proxy Software

An Overview of Proxy SoftwareFor someone who has been using proxy software for a long time, the question of finding the right one has probably been settled. If you are still new, you should have an idea of the various types of applications that you can use.

If your knowledge is very limited, you might want to start by learning just how proxies work. Once you know the basics, you can now proceed to looking for the application to use. Deciding which one to utilize will depend on a number of factors, each of which you need to consider. This will determine just how smoothly you will be able to surf the Net.

If you just want proxy software to help you connect to the Web, almost all the applications available today can do that. However, the success rate and the reliability of the service will vary. For this reason, you should read some reviews so that you will know which ones to download and install. If there are none, you can just rely on the number of

Three Reasons For Starting a Free Proxy

Three Reasons For Starting a Free ProxyProxies are used for two reasons. Firstly, by using a proxy site, you can access websites that are blocked from being accessed at your location. Secondly, proxies are used to keep your information private. There are websites that log your IP address. When these websites do this, your privacy and your personal and browsing information might be compromised. Proxies can take care of that for you by preventing the websites that you are browsing from detecting your real IP address.

Because there are more and more people who are discovering the advantages of using proxies, at some point, your favorite proxy will become unreliable or the network administrator will discover that you are using that proxy and will also block that website. Because of these problems with using a third party proxy, it might be good to start your own free proxy service.

1. You can predict the reliability of your proxy

Since you are the owner of the proxy, you are aware of any technical issues that your proxy has to address. You can analyze the amount of

Proxy Hosting For Beginners

Proxy Hosting For BeginnersThere are two main reasons why you want to create your own proxy site: first, you have safety concerns about using public proxies, such as getting virus or spyware; second, you want to start your proxy business and make some money. So, you did some research, downloaded a free proxy script, installed it on your local test server. Everything looked fine! Now it comes to the question – where to host your first proxy site?

Proxy hosting seems like a challenge, especially for beginners. After all, you need to deal with things like Server Types, Bandwidth, and Price. So in this article, I’d like to give you a simple guide on how to pick up the right proxy hosting for you.

Proxy Hosing Plans

Based on server types, you will have 3 different hosting plans:

  • Shared hosting means one web server hosts multiple websites.
  • VPS provides a virtual private server with guaranteed system resources.
  • Dedicated hosting let you own the whole server box.

Obviously, the price of those 3 hosting plans is totally different. While a cheap shared plan may cost you $5/Month,

How a Proxy Web Browser Can Help You

How a Proxy Web Browser Can Help YouThe ability of being able to act on another person’s behalf is called proxy. Setting a proxy vote for another person who cannot make it to the polls is an example of this. A proxy web browser is much the same in that it can act in lieu of another computer.

How this works is that the server which hosts the proxy browser opens the url for the original computer so the user can keep themselves protected when browsing the internet. The user also remains anonymous when using a proxy browser. The proxy server acts on behalf of the computer, removes the IP address and routes it.

The website’s information is then sent back to the proxy server where it is relayed back to the original computer. Think of the proxy server as a kind of middleman. Most proxy servers also delete all logs of the visit, which results in even more privacy.

For example, if you are not allowed to go on YouTube or Facebook at the office, you can use a proxy server to “hide” your

The Benefits of Using a VoIP Proxy Server

The Benefits of Using a VoIP Proxy ServerOne of the ways in which we can set up a VoIP system is through what we call a proxy server. A proxy server simply means that when you make a request – either for a web page or in this case for a connection, you don’t directly contact the resource you want. Instead, you send the request to a middle man which makes the request on your behalf and then sends the results back to you. In a way, all VPNs work like this. You don’t actually request the web page – you send the request through another secure server which encrypts the traffic and routes it to you. The VPN system is one of the most secure ways to use your Internet connection and a proxy server provides the same benefits when using it with VoIP.

When you set up a VoIP system with a hosted PBX plan, you can get access to such a server with login credentials for every user who needs to make calls using it. Since all

Scanning Proxies

Scanning ProxiesScanning proxies are a brand new technique, which focus on two different features – blind TCP port scanning and firewall bypassing.

Scanning proxies rely heavily on proxy usage. The principal idea behind scanning proxies is to prevent bounce attacks. This has helped administrators contain exposure to similar vulnerabilities around the world. Scanning proxies are completely new and usable.

Scanning proxies depend on the use of private or public proxies. Though the entire mechanism is simple, it is a powerful scanning method without sending even a single packet to the target host or network from the true source.

Connectivity and Features

By Scanning these proxies it connects to the standard server, by sending GET petitions. This is specified as web page to fetch URL pointing to the port and target IP.

After sending the command to the scanning proxy server, if the proxy connects to non-standard HTTP port and communicates with unauthenticated source, it tries connecting on target to port 22.

This is a standard old fashion from a proxy point of view. If

Proxy All You Need To Know

Proxy All You Need To KnowToday we are going to talk about proxies.

You care about your security? You want to speed up your downloads? Your company has a proxy and you cant connect to some websites? or maybe you just want to learn.

If you feel identified by some of those questions then you must read this guide.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing. The data you request come to the proxy first, and only then it transmits the data to you.

What is an anonymous proxy server?

Anonymous proxy servers hide your IP address and thereby prevent your from unauthorized access to your computer through the Internet. They do not provide anyone with your IP address and effectively hide any information about you and your reading interests. Besides that, they don’t even let anyone know that you are surfing through a proxy server. Anonymous proxy servers can be used for all kinds of Web-services, such as Web-Mail (MSN Hot Mail, Yahoo mail), web-chat

Benefits proxy in the Web hosting

Benefits proxy in the Web hostingCGI PROXY SCRIPT

Cgi proxy is the most common proxy software available. It is literally available on thousands of proxy websites across the internet. It has the ability to allow logging into sites like MySpace etc… It uses less bandwidth than PHProxy, but much more RAM!


Glype Proxy is a free web-based proxy script written in PHP. It allows webmasters to quickly and easily set up their own proxy site. Glype Proxy is intended to be a fast and reliable alternative to the widely used PHProxy and CGIProxy. Glype proxy has been coded with a strict emphasis on speed, performance and usability.


Like I said, proxy websites need a lot of resources, so that is why you don’t usually find hosts that allow proxy hosting. The ones that do offer it, charge way more than a regular hosting account, but we have to accept it because it uses a lot of CPU as well. I know that at the beginning you don’t have any money (or very few bucks) so getting a good hosting

Web Proxies Explained

Web Proxies ExplainedWeb Proxies Explained
A proxy is any software that supports the http proxy protocols. In it’s simplest form a proxy is a relay for data between two computers. A proxy is a intermediate server that forwards information between to points. A proxy is like a middle man, between the host, the server that you are trying to download files off, and you sitting in front of your computer. A Proxy is a central machine on the network that allows other machines in that network to use a shared Internet connection.

Proxy servers can be configured to be light or heavy. Proxy servers are a bit like Swiss Army Knives: Just as the capabilities of a Swiss Army Knife extend beyond simple cutting, today’s proxy servers act as traditional proxies, but they also have a huge variety of security features. If you’ve ever accessed the Internet from an office environment,chances are your communications passed through a proxy. You may not already know what a proxy does. The only IP address an Internet host is aware of is the IP address of the proxy. There are further

What Are Proxy Ports And Protocols

What Are Proxy Ports And ProtocolsWhenever a computer receives or transmits information, be it a home computer or a server, it does so through an open port that at some point connects to a router, which will then send the information over the internet. Depending on the type of data being processed, certain specific ports are used.

In proxy servers, there are several ports that are most commonly used. These protocols communicate with external devices, such as routers, by means of a protocol. Protocols are used in order to allow equipment to communicate with each other and establish how information is sent over the internet.

The most common protocol used by proxy ports is TCP – Transmission Control Protocol. TCP is an essential part of any TCP/IP network. While the IP – Internet Protocol – deals with the packets of data that is being transmitted, TCP is in charge of guaranteeing that these packets will be delivered and that they will arrive at their destination in the same order that they were sent through a specific port. Some ports use another type of protocol, which is

Finding the Best Web Host for Proxies

Finding the Best Web Host for ProxiesWeb proxies are becoming a hot topic amongst web masters as of late. They appear to be easy money and traffic but there are many considerations to be made before you seriously jump into the proxy hosting market. You should do your research if you are seriously considering joining the ranks of proxy web masters.

First off, proxy hosting starts with a web host. Most webhosting companies will NOT accept proxies. They are extremely resource intensive and can easily bring shared servers to a stand still if they get any decent amount of traffic. For anyone seriously considering hosting a proxy a VPS or dedicated server is a requirement. You need at least 256MB of ram on your server and 512 or above is highly recommended. Another thing to be careful of is control panels, cPanel, the most popular control panel amongst webmasters is very resource intensive and can use all 256mb of ram on a vps before your sites are even running. DirectAdmin and other lighter weight control panels are highly recommended to

What Are Proxy Servers and What Are They Used For

What Are Proxy Servers and What Are They Used ForThere are many ways to stay anonymous on the internet but one of the most common is by using what are called proxy servers. A proxy server is a machine that accepts incoming web requests and then forwards them onto the destination; they are like the middle men of the internet and keep your computer and destination web server separate.

What this basically means is that when the web server receives your request it looks as though it has come from the proxy server, therefore as far as it is concerned you personally have not visited the website. There are different types of proxies but the main ones are:

HTTP Proxies – These are used for HTTP traffic and would be relevant for the above example.
Filtering Proxies – These are commonly found at work and are used to block access to certain websites and to prevent bandwidth wasting; these are not used for privacy.
SOCKS Proxies – These are used to tunnel other kinds of traffic which could

If You Do Not Already Know Exactly What A Proxy Server Is

If You Do Not Already Know Exactly What A Proxy Server IsIf you do not already know exactly what a proxy server is, then you should know that it can be simply defined as a computer that offers you a networking service so that you can make indirect connections to whatever web sites you would like to visit. So, you would be able to connect to a proxy server, such as Xoxy, which will then allow you to connect to a web site. You may be wondering why you would want to do this, well if you are at work, or at school, where you are not suppose to be visiting web sites, then you can still visit these web sites without anyone ever knowing. That is the magic and beauty of using a proxy server.

With this in mind, you should know that a anonymous proxy service that will allow you to surf the Internet in privacy. So, now whenever you get bored at work or at school you can surf such web sites as Besides the fact that you can do this anonymously, you